I hope u remember me. Even at the slighest time of ur life

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How is my love story will be written?

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Taemin thanks for staying pretty.

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Started to feel the kalau aku kaya song T.T

I really wish i have more money. Or i get a scholarship. I really do T.T

Serious sebab aku takde duit aku kena consider nak keluar jalan2.

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To andy sajangnim chukahae

Chukahae teen tap. Seriously i like exo too but i really hope for teen tap to win. I hate when only sm artists r doing good. Hahahha.

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Shinhwa Fighting!!!


Seriously, the best running man episode ever!!!

Please invite Shinhwa again!!!!!!

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Rambut panjang mmg cool tapi part nak syampu tu yg tak tahan

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I seriously think SuHo looks like a Siwon+Taecyeon hybrid



Just realised this T.T

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In love with reply 97 ost

I really like leeds - you may live in happiness. (recently lee ki chan did his version too. It is nice) and sechs kies’ to you whom i love is nice as well :) yeokshi, old kpop songs are awesome!

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everytime shinhwa-almost-broken-up topic was discussed, my eyes go teary TT^TT

everytime oppa-deul said “eric was the one who gathered us back” my eyes go teary again. sobs

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Hujan2 ni memang sesuai utk layan mood emo kahkahkah

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